Friday, July 14, 2006

You Had to Like the Signs

If you caught last night's Indians game, there was a small sign that perhaps the second half of the season won't be so dreary.  In the first inning, with Grady Sizemore on first and rookie wunderkind Francisco Liriano needing a compass to find the strike zone, there was a moment where you just knew the Indians would bail him out.  Liriano ran the count to 3-2 on Jason Michaels and it was the perfect opportunity to start the runner, which Wedge did.  The only thing that could possibly get Liriano out of it was a strike-em-out/throw-em-out.  Michaels, naturally, complied by whiffing.  Sizemore, though, got a great jump and Twins catcher Joe Mauer, who had a rough night, plunked Sizemore in the back of the helmet with the throw.  Sizemore was safe and the inning continued.  While the Tribe didn't score it did set up what came in the next few innings as the Tribe began to pound Liriano.But get excited about the Tribe's fortunes at your own peril.  Since starting the season at 6-1, they've played 11 games under the .500 mark.    

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