Saturday, July 08, 2006

Running to Freedom?

Didn’t want anyone to think that the Browns were off the radar screen while the Indians continue to play like the first runner-up in the Celina American Legion Post 234 Summer Slam baseball tournament.  As the players enjoy these last few weeks of freedom before the grind of two-a-days start, Reuben Droughns still has an indictment for harassment and assault hanging over his head in Denver.  While not to minimize domestic violence in general or these charges in particular, you have to just kind of shrug your shoulders at this whole thing and say “it figures”.  We finally get a running game and a line to open up some holes and the star finds himself facing possible jail times.  The educated guess is that the charges either get dropped or Droughns enters a plea that avoids any further time in the clink.  And on the bright side, it’s not like he the pickle Jamal Lewis of the Ravens found himself in for facilitating a drug deal.  Still, it didn’t take Droughns too long to enter his name on that ever-increasing list of what continues to go wrong in Cleveland sports.

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