Monday, July 10, 2006

Does He Ever Leave the Newsroom?

We got a mild chuckle from Roger Brown's item in the Sunday PD.  The Clueless Contrarian ponders why the Indians have such infantile nicknames for each other, to wit: Wedgie, Bennie, Louie, Hollie for, collectively, Wedge, Broussard, Isaac and Hollandworth.  The truth is, that this approach to nicknames is hardly confined to the Indians or to baseball for that matter.  Professional ballplayers of most stripes lack any sort of real wit, humor or creativity.  Pick a team and I can guarantee you two things:  1. They still get a huge laugh out of the shaving cream pie trick and the hot foot; 2. They refer to each other with truncated nicknames like Wedgie, Bennie, et al.  We can fault the Tribe for many things but the stupidity here is all Brown's.Speaking of the Clueless Contrarian, we also couldn't help but laugh at his seemingly monthly column ranking the announcers and such, as if he is somehow performing a public service.  I suppose if he did this once a year, it might be interesting.  Any more than that is pure laziness, which for him is saying something.  Keep your eyes peeled for his next bit of insight when he debates whether Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.    

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