Saturday, July 08, 2006

Are You Sure That's The Problem?

I was amused at this little drop headline to Sheldon Ocker's notes following last night's game.  The poor copy editor cited "lack of leadership" as a problem.  I maintain that lack of leadership is not a problem.  They lack leadership in droves.  I'd say "leadership" is really the problem.In any case, it was hard telling from last night's game whether the Orioles are truly more pitiful than the Indians or C.C. Sabathia is just that good.  I doubt either is completely true, but you had to admire the ease with which Sabathia shut down the O's on 3-hits.  Sabathia threw 118 pitches, 89 of which were for strikes.  In fact, the only player to even put up much of a battle was Miguel Tejada in his last at bat, which also was the last out of the evening.  In that 9-pitch at bat, Tejada fouled off several and, frankly, looked like the only O who didn't have dinner reservations.  In the end, he sent a routine fly to reserve Joe Inglett in center field for the final out.If past be prologue, the Indians are likely to be on the wrong end of a 11-4 game tonight, but we'll see.  The Orioles looked more bored then the Tribe at this point.  It will be a long second half.    

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