Sunday, July 16, 2006

Flipped Out

Did you catch the item about Flip Murray signing with the Detroit Pistons yesterday?  Not much of a hue and cry among the Cleveland fans or media, all of whom collectively shrugged their shoulders.  The only interesting thing about all of this is all that talk just a few months ago about figuring out a way to sign Murray, who played so well after coming over in a mid-season trade when Larry Hughes got hurt. Since the season ended, the only Cavs item of interest to most Cleveland fans has been the contract extension signed by LeBron. Maybe the fans and the media see greater potential in Shannon Brown.  Maybe. But on the other hand randomly ask the next 10 people you see at the mall who the Cavs drafted and if more than two give the correct answers, I’ll buy you a Chrysler Cordoba.   My guess, again, is that no one is paying attention because other than a handful of diehards, no one really cares.  It will be next March, at least, before most Clevelanders even figure out who the heck is on this roster and even longer before they begin to care.

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