Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Two in a Row!

I liked the St. Louis Dispatch's description 0f the crowd at Busch Stadium last night as "irritable" given that the Cards did something that no team facing the Indians has done in a month--allow the beleagured Tribe to take two straight. Sure this is the Cards' longest losing streak in 18 years, but at least the Cards have the decency to dole out the pain to their fans all at once. With the Indians it's one irritating paper cut after another. They started the season 6-1, only to then drop three straight. Since April 15th, they've won three in a row twice and four in a row once. During that same stretch, they've had 5 separate streaks of at least 3 straight losses. Since June 1st, they've lost 7 straight series and, until their victory on Tuesday night against the Cardinals, had lost the first game in 10 straight series. In other words, the only thing Cardinal fans have to be irritable about is if their beer goes flat. Following the Indians this year is about as pleasant as having your genitalia scrubbed with a cheese grater.

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