Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's About Time....

I see Bud Shaw of the Plain Dealer is starting to get it right. One day after I noted that the problem with the Indians has much to do with the demoralizing lack of support from ownership in response to the White Sox off-season, Bud more or less says the same thing, albeit by not mentioning the Dolans specifically. Bud does point out, as did I and anybody else paying attention could, that the White Sox improved both their pitching and their offense in the off-season, after winning the World Series, while the Indians went backward by letting Bob Howry get away and trading away their left fielder for a prospect that's still at least a year away. They can shake the team up all they want, but until ownership sends a clear message that it fully intends to sign top shelf talent to get this young team over the hump, the Indians will be long dead before the Browns open camp.

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