Thursday, November 28, 2013

High Hopes

I suppose one could make the claim that the out of reach theme of the Cleveland Browns, indeed Cleveland Sports, could be High Hopes.  I'm not sure any of the franchises in this town actually dare to reach so far with their dreams.  The Browns seem incompetent by design.  The Cavs were against their head coach before they were for him, again, and the Indians, well, just keep seeing the core of the team that surprised travel elsewhere for market-based wages. 

Then, of course, there's always Bruce Springsteen, not a native son by any means but adopted almost.  Much of his early success outside of New Jersey came in places like Cleveland that always seemed to embrace underdogs.  So in recognition of one consistently high level performer, here's the latest video from Springsteen as he readies his 18th studio album, "High Hopes."  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving:

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