Wednesday, August 02, 2006

What's That Smell?

Normally, we ignore the gossip column in the Plain Dealer as written by Chuck Yarborough. First, he's too clever for his own good. Second, who cares? It is a daily regurgitate of driblets picked off the wires about mostly B-rated celebrities. But we did like one item today that is worth mentioning here.

According to Yarborough, "New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is launching his own fragrance. It's called Driven. The Tribe is working on a team fragrance, called Ground Out to Third on a 3-1 Pitch Down the Freakin' Middle of the Plate with Two Runners in Scoring Position. It's the perfect complement for an aftershave named for the Indians relief staff that is called Bullpen. The first syllable refers to the main ingredient. "

Wish I had written that.


Speaking of things that smell, it's being reported today that Mike Reghi is out as the voice of the Cavs on television in favor of former Clevelander, by way of Detroit, Fred McLeod. Reghi is, at most, an acquired taste, but he's a professional broadcaster nonetheless. Nothing against McLeod, but Reghi didn't need to be replaced. What makes the Cavs telecasts almost unwatchable is having to listen to the likes of Austin Carr and Scott Williams alongside Reghi. If they were just awful, that would be OK. They are well beyond that standard.

I can take the fact that both were "homers". That kind of stuff doesn't bother me as it does most of those in the print media. In fact, given that it is the Cavs that have to approve the hirings, being a "homer" is expected. When done right, it works quite well. Witness Rick Manning, for example, on Tribe telecasts. But neither Carr nor Williams ever has anything particularly interesting to say or any particular insights to share. If the Cavs are looking to save money and improve their broadcasts at the same time, stick to one announcer, be it McLeod or Reghi. Dispense with the ex-player in the booth mentality unless and until you can find someone who actually understands the game and can convey that knowledge to the viewer who can't.

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